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Pavement Solutions

PO Box 23155
Cincinnati, OH 45223
Phone: 513-681-5800
Fax: 513-681-5550

Our Technology

"The latest state of the art equipment."

We have:

  • 2002 Freightliner with a Power-Ray infrared patching unit & 4 ton temperature controlled hot asphalt box

  • 2002 Freightliner with a Ridge Engineering, patented, computerized sealcoating, 2000 gallon application unit & 50 gallon jacketed hot crack kettle.

  • 2002 Cimline 110 gallon oil jacketed computerized temperature controlled, hot crack sealing unit

  • 1998 Cimline pavement router

  • Little Wonder high volume blowers, power brooms & other associated cleaning equipment.  

Some of our equipment:   

Computerized Sealcoating Unit

Computerized Hot Cracksealing Unit

Infrared Patching Unit

Computerized Sealcoating Unit

Computerized hot cracksealing unit

Infrared patching unit


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