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Hot Rubberized Crack Sealing

"Other contractors fill your cracks, we seal them"

Why is it Important?  

Crack in Concrete

As you can see from this picture to the left an unsealed crack such as this allows water to run down under the pavement. With this constant flow of water the aggregates under the asphalt surface are eroded away. This results in alligatored areas, pot holes and other cracks because the top asphalt in no longer properly supported and cracks when vehicles roll over.


ASTM D3405 is the only crack sealant we use. It seals cracks in asphalt and concrete from the intrusion of water and other foreign materials.

Allows the surface to have an overlay of new asphalt minimizing the possibility of the crack below being "reflected" up into the top surface.


  • D-3405 material is flexible; even in cold weather this material is still flexible. the lower cost materials get hard and crack in cold weather.

  • Superior adhesion; this material, unlike the cheaper materials, adheres well to each side of the crack.

  • Lasts much longer - because of it's superior flexibility .


  • Material must meet ASTM D-3405. Our engineer wrote this international standard.

  • Crack "fillers" such as AC-oil & cold pour crack filler will not be accepted. This specified material is a crack sealant that seals the crack. Remember dirt is also a crack "filler".

  • The material meeting D-3405 can only be heated in an "indirect" fired kettle designed specifically for this purpose.

  • Sealant to be placed using the "over-seal-banging" technique. (sealant is in the crack & about 1 inch on each side of its top surface.)

  • Cracks to be cleaned thoroughly before the sealant is applied.

  • See the specification section for more detailed information.

Example Crack
Example crack





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