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Surface Coating of Blacktop (sealcoating)

"Our paveflex system gives you the best result. "

Why seal your asphalt?

If you consult with any asphalt expert they will conform that unprotected asphalt  deteriorates very quickly. Pavement Solutions Paveflex, a special blend of refined coal tar emulsion meeting ASTM D-5727, mineral aggregate and exclusive modifiers, will protect your pavement.


  • Prevents oxidation: shields against the drying action of the sun.

  • Resists gas & oil drippings: because Paveflex is made from coal tar, a very chemical resistant material, your asphalt surface will be protected from harmful salt, chemicals, gas and oil drippings

  • Eliminates weather damage: seals water out so it can not get inside your asphalt to freeze in the winter and break your asphalt or cause it to ravel.

  • Beautifies pavements: Paveflex has a flat, slate black color (unlike most competitor's products) which gives all asphalt that rich, new-look appearance.

  • Reduces maintenance costs: will substantially reduce the need for extensive repairs while reducing annual maintenance costs.

  • Reduces your liability: because Paveflex contains significantly more mineral aggregate than most competing contractor's formulas, our sealed surfaces are skid resistant for vehicles and pedestrian traffic.


  • For sealing the surfaces of off street asphalt on parking lots, driveways, basketball courts and cart paths


  • See the specification navigation bar.

Our sealcoating process: click picture to enlarge

Unsealed asphalt

Hillebrand Airport Project

Our Computerized Sealing Unit

Unsealed asphalt

Hillenbrand Airport Project

Our computerized sealing unit


Techniques we use sealcoating asphalt.

Group Cleaning

Power Brushing

Cleaning the Surface

Group Cleaning

Power brushing

Cleaning the surface

Under construction

Oil Spot

Oil Spot Priming

Edging the asphalt

Oil Spot

Oil spot priming

Sealer Edging

Spray Application of Sealer

2nd Coat Hand Wand

Sealer edging at General Electric

Spray application of sealer

2nd coat hand wand

Squeegee App, Old Asphalt

Squeegee Application of Sealer

Spray Bar Application of Sealer

Squeegee app, old asphalt

 Squeegee application of sealer at St X

Spray bar application of sealer

Equal Coverage of Coating

Overlap Spray Technique

Equal coverage of coating

Overlap spray technique


Finished Surfaces

Pave Sol Sealed Asphalt

Pave Sol Sealed Asphalt

Pave Sol Sealed Asphalt

Pave Sol sealed asphalt

Pave Sol sealed asphalt

Pave Sol sealed asphalt

General Mills Pave Sol Job

Pave Sol Sealed Asphalt

General Mills Pave Sol job

Pave Sol sealed asphalt



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